Collingswood Cloud Lodge No.101 of F. & A.M was founded in 1994 after two venerable lodges – Collingwood lodge and Cloud lodge – united in common Masonic cause and fellowship. Cloud lodge was originally founded in Gloucester City, New Jersey. Collingwood Lodge was originally founded in 1917 and moved to its present location on Haddon Avenue in 1920 after a generous brother and benefactor bought and donated the building in perpetuity to its members.

Cloud lodge was originally founded in Gloucester City, New Jersey, on Kings Street (‘O Hara’s Bar and Grill) on January 30th, 1870. It received its charter from the Grand Lodge and started out with 19 men, now and was publically dedicated to Freemasonry by Most Worshipful Grand Master W. A. Pembrook, R.W.D.G.M.. Freemasons originally interested in establishing a lodge in Gloucester City, New Jersey met in Washington Hall, on Monday evening, September 27, 1869. Members of the Order from Camden No. 15, Ionic No. 94 and Florence No. 97 were present. Thus, was Cloud Lodge formed and started in its Masonic work. Richard C. Horner was the lodges first Worshipful Master. The lodge progressed under its time under dispensation, and at its meeting on January 31, 1870, it was announced that the Grand Lodge had issued a warrant designating the Lodge at Cloud Lodge No. 101, F. & A.M., and permission was given to have the institution ceremonies made public by Most Worshipful Grand Master Rusling who was Grand Lodge leader at that time. Cloud Lodge chartered with 19 members. Washington Hall Was the home of the Lodge until December, 1874. On Tuesday evening, November 24, 1874, Cloud Lodge moved to its new home at King and Bergen Streets in Gloucester City where it resided for 120 years until merging with Collingwood Lodge No. 210 in 1994.

Collingswood Lodge #210, Free and Accepted Mason, was founds June 9, 1917, with 103 charter members from Master Masons who belonged to clubs in Collingswood, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and some other states. The original meeting place was the second floor of the Collingswood National Bank (now Bank of New Jersey), In 1921 the Palms Theatre was purchased and remodeled into the present Masonic Temple at Haddon and Irwin Avenues. Henry W. Mohrfeld was the fist Worshipful Master, coming from the Merchantville Lodge #119. William H. Turnbull was a very active early member and was most helpful in acquiring the Temple. William B. Mackey, Worshipful Master in 1918, was the Most Worshipful Master of the state of New Jersey in 1926. There have been a number of lodge members who have been appointed to the Grand Lodge but at present there is only one, Grafton B. Day.