Another year has passed and my term as worshipful master is quickly coming to an end. I thank all of you for having given me the opportunity to have served you as master. One of my goals was to speak with each of you by telephone during the month in which each of you celebrated your Masonic birthday. I talked with almost all of you and I am grateful for the gracious response I received from so many of you.

I would also like to thank each of the officers who served with me. Their dedication and loyalty made my job much easier. Two of them were especially important, indeed, indispensable. As some of you know, I no longer operate a motor vehicle. I have narcolepsy and it is too dangerous for me to drive. Fred Shindle and Don Elfreth undertook to get me wherever I had to go to fulfil my obligations as master. I could not have served without their help. I shall always be grateful to them for their help, but even more, for their friendship.

I offer my best wishes to my successor, Archie Doe. He has worked hard getting to this point and I am sure that he will be an able master for us. I am happy that I am able to leave for him a dedicated line of officers who will serve him well, as it did serve me.

I thank all of you for your good wishes, encouragement and hard work over the past year and wish each of you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Sincerely and fraternally,
Jim Perrin, Worshipful Master