About Us

Collingswood-Cloud Lodge, No. 101 F&AM, is a Masonic Lodge in the 18th Masonic District of New Jersey.  It is located and holds its meetings in the lodge building of Audubon-Parkside Lodge, at 305 E. Atlantic Avenue, Audubon, NJ 08106.  That building was at one time the site of the Highland Motion Picture Theater and the beautiful art deco features of the theater are still present in the lodge room.

Collingswood-Cloud Lodge was previously two lodges:  Cloud Lodge, formed in 1870, which met in Gloucester City, New Jersey, and Collingswood Lodge, formed in 1917, which met in Collingswood, New Jersey.  The two lodges consolidated in 1994 and thereafter met in Collingswood’s building. Collingswood-Cloud sold its Collingswood building in 2017 and at that time moved to its present location. 

Masonic lodges, like Collingswood-Cloud, are fraternal organizations.   We are not a business organization. We have no religious affiliation, although we require each member to believe in a Supreme Being.   We are not a charity, although as part of our work we support other charities. Our aim is to welcome good men, regardless of race, color or creed, and endeavor to make them better men.   We seek men who care about others and who desire, through the instruction and camaraderie we offer, to become better. In a Masonic lodge, a man will meet like-minded men, who will treat him as a brother, and who will become true and lifelong friends.   


Regular Communications:  Second Tuesday of each month, except July, August and December

Annual Communication:  Second Tuesday of December

Emergent Communications:  As scheduled; generally on the fourth Tuesday of the month