How to Join

  • You must be a good man. A criminal background check is performed and a criminal record may disqualify you.
  • You must be at least 18 years of age.
  • You must believe in a Supreme Being.
  • You must be willing to swear to an oath and obligation. An affirmation is not sufficient.
  • You must complete an application, with three references and recommendations from two other persons. The two persons who recommend you must be New Jersey Masons. The three persons named as references are each to write a short note telling us how long they have known you and recommending your admission.
  • Your application is read in lodge at a regular meeting. At the meeting, a committee will be assigned to meet you in your home. At a following lodge meeting, your application is voted upon. In order for you to be accepted, a unanimous vote of the members voting is required.
  • Following your acceptance, there are three degrees or ceremonies which you must attend and you must be willing after each one to attend classes, engage in study with an instructor which we will provide and memorize material assigned to you. The three ceremonies generally take about five months to complete and you become entitled to all the rights and benefits of a Mason only after the third ceremony and recitation of material assigned to you after that ceremony.
  • You must pay an initiation fee, presently $250.00, and, each year after the third ceremony, pay annual dues in amounts to be determined from year to year, but in recent years have been about $150.00 per year.

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